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Cats have been getting disrespected for decades.  I had my first cat as a pet when my wife and I moved in together in 2014.  I always say to people that she and Camu adopted me.  It took he and I about two weeks to warm up to one another, and then one day he let me hold him like a baby and I was hooked.  I had officially become a cat person and would take him on little walks on the balcony of our apartment.  We would eventually adopt a second cat in Knoxville we named Riff Raff because we knew he was going to make Camu’s life difficult.  We walked him around the liquor section of a big box store the day we adopted him.  We don’t walk our cats around our neighborhood, but we consider them pretty good walkers considering they’re cats.

This is Camu.  He’s 10-ish and loves being outside on leash.  He walks 10 feet, sniffs the ground, then usually lays down or kneads at the ground while purring.  He use to be an outdoor cat and probably wouldn’t leave our yard if he wasn’t leashed.

This is Riff Raff.  He’s 6 and is always at the ready when he’s on a leash.  He will always be walked on a leash because he likes to chase squirrels and lizards up our fence and can easily jump the required six feet it takes to get over said fence.  He also purrs the whole time he’s outside.

Cats love being outside, so if you have a chance to walk yours just make sure you harness it.  Also, if your cat walks on a leash as well as a dog does then congratulations your cat is a wizard.