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What’s new in wedding trends? Insider got the inside scoop from industry professionals. 

This is what these experts say is in and what’s out with weddings in 2021.

  • Buffet dinners aren’t as popular as they used to be – More couples are opting for plated dinners because of safety concerns with shared utensils and uncovered dishes of food. Wedding planner Amy McCord Jones says food trucks and even sack lunches are popular alternatives to buffets.
  • Fewer couples are having over-the-top events – McCord Jones expects simpler weddings will become the norm soon as fewer couples want to drain their bank accounts to put on elaborate, picture-perfect weddings.
  • Traditional gift registries are less common – Modern couples aren’t registering for classic wedding gifts like high-end dinnerware and stand mixers. Wedding planner Margaux Fraise says because so many couples already live together, they have basic household items, so more of them are asking guests to kick in for a honeymoon fund these days.
  • More couples are eloping – McCord Jones says elopement is one of the most popular wedding trends of the year. Instead of dealing with the expense and headache of downsizing or postponing because of COVID, she says many couples are planning small weddings or just eloping.
  • Livestreaming weddings will probably continue – This became popular in 2020 with couples broadcasting their nuptials so loved ones who couldn’t travel could share their special day and the trend isn’t going anywhere, according to wedding planner Robyn Bruns.
  • DIY wedding decor is having a moment – Couples who want to save and get the look they want are making their own decor, invitations, and even wedding cakes, and McCord Jones expects this trend to continue beyond 2021.

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SOURCE: Insider