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(Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

A mom in the U.K. was “livid” after finding a note left on her car from a neighbor demanding she close her blinds so their kids don’t have to see her bum. Alexandria Taylor found the angry letter after a neighbor spotted her in her undies and a t-shirt while she locked the door and got ready for bed.

“It would be much appreciated if you could at least shut your blinds when walking naked! Around your house,” the note reads. “My kids do not and would not want to see your ass out on the show. Much appreciated, your neighbors.”

The mom of two says it was the “most bizarre” thing that’s ever happened to her and she was “shocked and angry” about it, in part because she wasn’t even naked at the time. Taylor would have preferred her neighbor come knock on her door to confront her face-to-face, rather than leave a passive-aggressive note. She’s not letting the complaint change the way she dresses around her own home and says, “To be honest, they’re lucky, because normally I walk around in a lot less than that.”

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SOURCE: Daily Mail