Are you a picky eater who wants to expand your palette? There are ways to conquer your food fears and finally order more than chicken fingers and fries at restaurants.

“It’s not necessarily the case that people are going to grow out of being hesitant about these specific foods,” Dr. Sam Scarnato of The Center for Nutritional Psychology says.

Some ways to incorporate more variety in your diet include trying the disliked food more than once and in a different way. If it’s the texture you don’t like, try another cooking method. Or if the taste turns you off, add a sauce or dip to make it more appetizing. Eat the food you fear in a comfortable environment where there isn’t any judgment. And finally, don’t rush the process, even one small bite of a disliked food is progress.

Which foods do you hate? Is there a food you didn’t like as a kid that you now eat? Were you a picky eater as a kid?

Source: USA Today

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