Airheads candy gets ready to enter the chicken sandwich wars

Candy in the chicken sandwich game? The world shows you something new every day…am I right? Airheads candy is poised to enter the chicken wars with a fried chicken sandwich of its own.

So why do Airheads, which let me remind you is a candy brand, believe that they can enter and win the chicken sandwich wars? “That is for us to know and all of those other chicken restaurants to find out. On July 6, 2021, National Fried Chicken Day,” says Craig Cuchra, VP of Marketing for Perfetti Van Melle North America, maker of Airheads, “the world will finally see what’s been missing in chicken.”

As an established candy company since 1985, Airheads never ventured into other retail products. It is their first time attempting a fried chicken sandwich. “So what? Before the moon landing, there was no moon landing. It was the first time anybody ever landed on it.” said Cuchra, “So there’s some precedent of people not ever doing something before and then suddenly doing the thing they never did.”

Asked if Airheads making a fried chicken sandwich is anything like the moon landing, Cuchra replied, “It is exactly like that. And on July 6, 2021, we’re launching into space and planting our flag on that big gray rock in the sky…which in this case is a perfect metaphor for making a fried chicken sandwich with a candy bun.”

The company does not currently have any restaurant or brick-and-mortar location where they can sell their sandwiches. To that, Airheads says they just got a food truck, duh. The sandwich looks like a pretty magical creation from the pictures, even though I haven’t tried it yet.

SOURCE Perfetti Van Melle

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