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I mean look at that face!

As a new dog dad, I’m learning more and more about my 7 month old puppy Zoey every day!  I’m learning how well she doesn’t listen, how much she loves to jump and how loud she likes to express herself when all she wants to do is play with the cats.  And just this past week I’ve found out that as vocal as she is, she’s even more of a toy destroyer.  Here’s Zoey’s four-step process when it comes to destroying even the “tuff-est” of dog toys.  Let’s use Mr. Hamburger as an example.

Step 1 – Admiration.  In Zoey’s mind, this burger has all of the secrets to dog life and she must learn them at once.  Note that Mr. Hamburger was presented to Zoey at 8:20 PM

Step 2 – Discovery.  Well that didn’t take long.  She bit right into the tomato and pickles and ripped Mr. Hamburger right open.  What will she discover????

Step 3 – Domination.  Determined to find out what Mr. Hamburger has to offer, she kindly rips into him even more, pulling out his only form of communication, his squeaker.  It’s under her right paw.

Step 4 – Presentation.  Well, she got it all and learned nothing from Mr. Hamburger apparently!  This picture was taken at 9:00 PM.

It was on this day that I learned her toy destroying process takes about 40 min with no bathroom or treat breaks for either of us.  The thickness of the toy means nothing to her.  If there’s a squeaker, stuffing or both then she’s nose deep in it within 10 minutes.  Thankfully she only does this with her toys and not our furniture, and as much as we’re constantly having to resupply her with things she can chew on we can’t be mad at her.  Would you say no to this face?