A TV news crew was in the middle of a report on a crime spike. The next thing they knew they are approached by robbers who demand the news station hand over their camera Well, isn’t that ironic… It happened on Monday in Oakland, California. A TV news crew was outside Oakland City Hall on Monday interviewing an official for a story about a spike in violent crime. It was then that they became victims. City official Guillermo Cespedes told an NBC Bay Area reporter, “I think Oakland deserves better” just before two armed men interrupted the interview, knocking a camera to the ground. A scuffle broke out as the robbers demanded the cameraman hand over his equipment. The news crew’s security guard pulled out his own gun and ordered the would-be robbers to leave. Police say they left without any equipment. No one was hurt.

According to The Washington Post this is not the first time reporters have been robbed. In fact, it has happened at least three other times this year. Clearly, something does need to be done. And how dumb do you have to be to demand a news station camera while they are on the air? Seems like that broadcasting footage of your crime isn’t the way to get away with it.