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The July 4th holiday is almost here, and a lot of people will be enjoying barbecues, fireworks, and more. But it turns out there are some places in this country that are better for celebrating July 4th than others and a new report from WalletHub reveals where they are. To see the top places to celebrate the Fourth of July click here.

On the flip side, however, these are the ten worst places to celebrate the Fourth of July. The site looked at 100 of the largest U.S. cities on 23 key metrics, including average prices of beer and wine, weather forecasts, length of fireworks shows, and more. Winston-Salem, North Carolina not only made the list for the ten worst places, but they made the top 5!

Ten Worst Places to Celebrate Fourth of July

  1. Laredo, TX
  2. San Bernardino, CA
  3. Aurora, CO
  4. Winston-Salem, NC
  5. Hialeah, FL
  6. Gilbert, AZ
  7. Toledo, OH
  8. Chandler, AZ
  9. Long Beach, CA
  10. Lubbock, TX

I have family from and in Winston-Salem but have never spent the Fourth of July there. This list makes me want to give it a try though to see if it really is as bad as WalletHub made it out to be!

SOURCE: WalletHub