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If you admire rats and mice, this is not the blog for you. I’ll share simple and savvy ways to kill them with no remorse. The tricky little rodents can flip, jump over and squeeze through just about any hole or crevasse. Experts say to eliminate entry points, but this requires a full inspection of doors, drains and tiny unknown entry ways. Here’s a good tip that someone gave me, and it’s cheap! Just buy those silver looking steel pads designed to scrub kitchen pans, and stick the steel pad in front of the mouse hole and rodents will eat the steel fabric which makes them thirsty, and with no water in site, they’ll die.

Some solutions to killing rodents is to pour heavy strength menthol smells near your front door, or using kitchen spices to keep them at away. Got any peppermint oil, chili powder, citronella, or eucalyptus around the house? My go to is bleach and ammonia, but some swear by mothballs to deter these annoying critters. If you’re not afraid of picking up rats & mice try the traditional mouse traps, but the mouse trap game has been elevated with contraptions that entice rodents into a box to eat the bait, and they die inside. There’s a few bait stations to choose and they’re not that expensive. Good luck!

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