There is no shortage of classic movies that came out of the 90s, but one of the most iconic will always be “The Parent Trap”. I for one am forbidden to watch it with anyone else as I will quote every line of the movie. It’s obnoxious, I am well aware, but I’ve seen it at least 500 times so it’s inevitable. Naturally, when I saw this TikTok of a girl’s Parent Trap themed birthday party I was obsessed.

Quick refresher to explain the video. The “villain” of the movie is Meredith Blake, a 26-year old who is engaged to Annie and Hallie’s father Nick Parker. So, fittingly, it’s the girl’s 26th birthday aka the perfect year for this theme. Featured are iconic outfits such as Meredith’s “camping” outfit (which as an adult I actually love), the Camp Walden uniforms, Chessie’s chambray outfit, and Elizabeth James’ disheveled San Fransisco arrival outfit. And honey you never looked better! Other iconic moments such as the lizard on the water bottle, putting the photo together, fencing, and the girl with shaving cream all over her hair are also represented. What’s more Parent Trap than Oreos with peanut butter? Nothing. The answer is nothing. So of course it was on the menu. I can’t forget to shout out “yo tie-dye girl”.  Hallie will forever be thankful for her getting her duffle out of the heap. I was dying watching her hitting sticks together to keep away the mountain lions. And, regardless of how you feel about Meredith, the lizard on the water bottle is LEGENDARY.


meredith blake was supposed to be 26 in the parent trap so i made that the theme for my 26th birthday #theparenttrap #MyColoredHair #CompleteMyLook

♬ This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) - Natalie Cole

While my 26th birthday may be behind me, I will be recreating this Parent Trap themed birthday party the first chance I get. And yes you’re invited. I for one will be repping Hallie’s camp arrival outfit complete with the yellow and black duffel. Yes, I made my parents purchase one for me before I went to overnight camp for the first time. And yes, they did sit me down and let me know I would not be meeting my long-lost twin.

Enjoy our gallery of the stars of Parent Trap: