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Heading to the beach or the lake for a summer vacay? Use your days in the sun and sand to get a workout in, too. Make the most of the water with these fitness ideas.

  • Break out the boards – Surfing can be a great workout if you’re looking to catch some waves. And if you’re new to the sport, pro surfer Anna Ehrgott says boogie boarding can get you closer to hanging ten.
  • Make it a circuit – Almost any move you make in the surf and sand will work your muscles in a new way. Just wading into waist-high water burns about a third more calories than standing on solid ground because the water provides more resistance than air. And swimming at a leisurely pace burns about 380 calories an hour. You can also hit the beach for a power walk or run and trainer Ashley Joi says the sand is ideal for doing plyometrics, like jump squats, because the impact of landing is less of a jolt.
  • Head out on a paddleboard – THIS ONE IS SO ME! Take in the lake, bay, or beach with a workout on a stand-up paddleboard. Luke Hopkins, head of watersports at Surf 9, advises newbies to start out with a board that’s at least 33-inches wide for a good stable ride. “To stay headed straight, focus on your paddle stroke technique: long and close,” he says. “Start your stroke as far forward as you can, and pull until the paddle is just behind your feet.”
  • Do a little cleaning – You can stick to the shore and take a stroll to pick up trash left behind by beachgoers. Ehrgott says, “Beach cleanups are like shell collecting, but good for the planet.”
  • Catch some air – For the really adventurous types, there’s windsurfing and kiteboarding. Sarah Hauser, a pro windsurfer, says they’re not sports you pick up in a day, but you can start with taking lessons. She says, “Nothing compares with catching some air.”