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Vulnerable when the Great White is around!

Shark attacks are one of my biggest fears. I know the possibility of them happening to you are extremely rare, but it is still terrifying.

This week, a 7-year-old girl who was swimming off the coast of North Carolina experience my worst fear.

The girl was bitten by a shark while swimming at Ocean Isle Beach. Luckily, the attack was not bad, and the young girl was only, “nipped” by the shark. After a few stitches, the young girl was able to get back to her vacation, and now she will have quite the story to tell her friends.

The family is not sure what kind of shark bit the girl, but assume it was a smaller one just based off of the size of the bite.

Mayor Debbie Smith says, “You should always be cautious when you’re in the water at the beach and just use good common sense, and to be alert, but this is not a common occurrence.”

The last shark attack at Ocean Isle Beach occurred back in 2019. North Carolina has the fourth-highest amount of shark attacks nationwide as of last year.

Be safe out there!