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Journalist and lawyer Jill Filipovic wrote a recent New York Times opinion article on declining pregnancy rates. According to her article, younger women are having fewer babies because they have more choices.

Birth rates are declining with women in their 20s, while women in their 30s and 40s show an uptick in births. This is mainly due to high childcare costs, no healthcare, focusing more on careers, choosing to travel, and better access to birth control.

Women are also finding their family is complete with only one to two babies. The average age of women having children is 26.4.

The bottom line is young women are traveling, living independently, and pursuing their careers. They’re asking themselves who they are and what they want. And there is less of an expectation to live their early years as a mother.

Personally, I think I’m definitely part of this demographic of young women. I don’t plan on having kids ANY time soon, and I’m 23. I want time to explore the world and, as she says, figure out what I want out of my career and life.

There is nothing wrong with waiting and there is also nothing wrong with wanting to start a family when you’re younger. It’s just nice to see so many women realizing they do have the choice that maybe women didn’t have previously.

Do you think there should be better policies put in place for women? Do you agree that society should stop expecting women to have children as a part of having a “full life?”

Source: NYTimes.com

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