I can tell you right now…this dog’s reaction is the Monday pick-me-up you didn’t know you needed.

I found this TikTok by @sarahlawther of this pup whose owner is telling her she is beautiful. The dog’s name is Honey, which I think is super fitting. In the video, she gets all excited as her owner keeps talking to her. And THE EYES! Some of the BEST puppy dog eyes I’ve ever seen. She is so precious.

As of 6/28, the video currently has over 23 million views and over 6.5 million likes! I think getting a dog’s reaction to something like this should be the next TikTok pet trend!!

Get ready for a mood boost and watch below. We <3 Honey!


Heart officially melted ❤️ Honey has the sweetest soul ✨🐶 #cute #fyp #puppylove #staffylove

♬ original sound - Sarah Lawther

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