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Miami, FL, USA - June 24, 2021: Sections of the champlain towers Surfside Miami Beach which collapsed


This is eerie…

After Champlain Towers Condo collapsed in Surfside, Florida last week, the families of the over 150 missing people have been waiting for any news of their friends and family. But one man has a gut-wrenching mystery on top of fear.

Jake Samuelson says that he received a call from his grandparents, Arnie and Myriam Notkin, just a few hours after the collapse of the building they called home. When he answered, all he could hear was static.

Even worse, that wasn’t the only call Samuelson received. By his count, he’s received calls from his grandparent’s number at least 16 times, and each time he answered there was nothing, but static on the line. The family is now waiting for detectives to get back to them with information about the calls, but for now, Samuelson says “We’re hoping for a miracle.”

Source: New York Post