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BEVERLY HILLS, CA - FEBRUARY 27: Actress and Oscar nominee Keisha Castle Hughes has her hair done at Frederic Fekkai salon on Rodeo Drive as part of the salons ultimate beauty retreat in preparation for the Oscars on February 27, 2004 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

How much would you pay to get the hair of your dreams? Lots of us treat ourselves to a trip to the salon as part of our regular beauty routine, but one hairstylist is being called out for the cost of her services. Jasmine Policarpo is facing backlash after posting a video to TikTok of a client’s recent cut and color change. It’s not the finished product that’s being criticized, but the price she charged.

In the video, the Riverside, California-based hairstylist transforms a woman from brunette to blonde. She starts off with long, straight brown hair and at the end, she has a head full of ashy blonde waves. Policarpo starts the video off by saying, “I did not think my last post was going to make so many people mad with how much I charge, but I think this one’s going to make you madder.” She explains that the process took about 13 hours and she charges $150 an hour, so the bill was $1,950!

And she was right about the reaction. Many TikTokers were outraged over the price, with one claiming, “That’s a down payment on a car!” One user calls the charge “insane” and another points out, “The new iPhone costs less.” While some imply that Policarpo is ripping off her clients and the work could be done in a fraction of the time, several came to her defense, praising the quality of her work and calling attention to the fact the color change was a drastic one.