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Let me start by saying, I am so grateful to be vaccinated, and have the ability to return to certain parts of my life, pre-pandemic.

With that being said, anyone else feeling totally worn out?

So many events are popping up, and friends I haven’t seen in forever are making plans. Needless to say, I’ve been busy, and I can tell it’s taking its toll. After a year of staying inside and taking things slow, jumping back into normal life can feel overwhelming.

I’m not alone, either. I just came across an interesting article talking about the new term, “social hangover” and I totally believe it is real.

Some of you extroverts may have no idea what I’m talking about, but a social hangover is a term used to describe the phenomenon of being exhausted and depleted after a busy week of events and big nights out.

A social hangover is kind of like your mind, and body telling you to slow down a bit, even if you may not want to.

Whether your recharge time is spent with more sleep, more tv, scrolling, or something else, just make sure you’re allowing yourself enough recharge time in-between outings to avoid the social hangover.