Kane Brown is touted as one of country music’s power players in the new edition of Billboard where he graces the cover along with Mickey Guyton and Brothers Osborne.

Kane is quite candid in the article, where he discusses getting his start in country music. He said, “When I was coming into the music industry, I was trying to go through all the X-Factors and American Idols. I started all of this on my own. I failed so many times and then overcame everything. Where I came from, living in a trailer, going to 12 different schools? I feel like I’m on top of the world.”

Brown says he is using his experience to help other singers along the way. He offered, “I feel like my whole life I’d been beat down. So it’s me just trying to be the bigger person. When I signed Restless Road, I told them I wouldn’t sign anybody else until I broke them. I just want them to know I have all my focus on them. [For publishing], I just sign whoever’s a good writer. I just signed this dude Levon Gray out of Alabama. He’s a Black guy, super R&B. He tagged me on a [Instagram] story. I had him come in, write a song with me, and the label wants to use that as my next single.”

He adds, “I just want to give everybody a chance — no matter where you come from, no matter where you have been — and just leave the door open.”

On the subject of diversity in country music Kane says, “At my shows, everybody comes out: Black, Hispanic, Asian, white, gay people. And that’s just what I love, knowing everybody has a place to go.”

Kane Brown