Brioche burger buns are canceled, at least according to Twitter. Grilling season is here and you might be thinking about what type of bun is best for burgers. Well, according to Twitter, don’t use brioche buns. It all started with a tweet from someone requesting that restaurants to, “Please, please STOP selling us burgers in brioche buns. STOP. Nobody likes them. I mean nobody. I’ve never met anyone who said, ‘Oh I love a good brioche.’ Just give us a good roll/bap/barm whatever your region calls it”.

Twitter users were quick to support her tweet and the majority agrees that burgers don’t belong on a brioche bun.

But some also stood up for the buns.

To be honest I don’t give much thought to what type of bun my burgers are on. I’m more considered about what’s in the middle. Although I actually like a good lettuce wrap burger. But that might be controversial. Not as controversial as canceling though. Do you support brioche buns being canceled?