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A nanny in Texas has been caring for a baby boy since he was born almost a year ago and it’s all because of the pandemic. Kristie Baysinger got a call from her agency to pick up a newborn baby born to a surrogate in Oklahoma and she’s been raising little Alexander since. That was 10 months ago, but his parents, who live in Scotland, haven’t been able to come get him because of COVID.

Baysinger is raising Alexander with her three kids and is sharing her experience on TikTok. So what’s the hold up with getting this growing boy to his parents? Alexander is waiting on his social security card and when it arrives, the nanny can apply for his passport and then take him to his family in Scotland. She explains that his parents couldn’t legally pay a surrogate in the U.K., so they used an American one.

Since the baby has been with Baysinger since he was born, he sees her as his mom and her husband as his dad, but she says his parents “miss him terribly and want to see him” and they talk to him daily. Until they can all be together, her family is treating Alexander as their own, giving him all the love and affection he needs. “We’re just doing our best over here,” Baysinger explains, “just raising this little boy and being as sweet as we can until he can go home to his parents.”