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Photo by nappy from Pexels

Most of the time, being seen in the exact same outfit as a friend is a fashion don’t, but a pair of besties from New York do it on purpose. Denise Mercedes Marte and Maria Castellanosmake it an everyday thing to dress alike and they’re doing it to promote body positivity. The duo shares videos of their matching outfits on their separate TikTok pages to celebrate style at any size, using the hashtag #StyleNotSize.

Denise and Maria have different body shapes and sizes and show off their side-by-side looks to prove that fashion isn’t limited to just one size. From form-fitting slip dresses to crop tops and jeans, these BFFs prove that when you’re confident in your body, you can pull off any fashion trend you want. Maria explains, “We shouldn’t be confined to what society tells us is the correct thing to wear for specific sizes.”

It all started when they posted a photo in matching bikinis back in 2019. Denise says a lot of positivity came from that Instagram post and they decided to take it to TikTok and wear the same thing, this time in a video with transitional looks. Now they’re inspiring their more than 3.7-million followers to dress however they want, regardless of their size. “We think it’ll help people start wearing what they think they can’t wear,” Denise says, “and start to step out of their comfort zone.”