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IRVINE, CA - SEPTEMBER 12: The new Forbidden Bowl and Burrito are Taco Bell's latest twists on modern eating, featuing Black Rice - prepared in a burrito or bowl with classic and craveable Taco Bell flavors and elevated ingredients such as crispy avocados. (Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Taco Bell)

I guess it’s competitive eating season, right?  Does it every really end or begin?  I always think about the Fourth of July Nathan’s hot dog eating contest whenever I think about competitive eating because it’s literally the only time I think about it.  I came across this video of a woman breaking her own burrito consumption record and it is something to behold.  The burrito you’re about to watch disappear weighed 2.5 pounds and honestly, it really made me want a burrito.  She starts eating at 1:35.