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PORT GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 02: A view through a window of disused tenement properties on the Clune Estate on August 2, 2019 in Port Glasgow, Scotland. Formerly the home to shipyard workers in the early part of the 20th century, Port Glasgow's Clune Park estate now has fewer than 25 people living in a handful of its 430 flats. Property on the partially abandoned estate, which has suffered from vandalism and deliberate fires through the years, was once the cheapest in the UK, with one flat selling for under £10,000 at auction. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Back in February my wife and I purchased a couple of new windows for the upstairs.  It’s step one of a three step process of replacing all of our windows.  They were recently installed and look so much better than the ones that came with our house which was built in the 80s, haha.  Because we got new windows we also decided that there’s no way we’re putting the same blinds back up.  That weekend we decided to go blind shopping and couldn’t really find anything other than white.  Our window trim both inside and outside is “Boston Cream” which is an off white.  Because we couldn’t find anything other than white in-store, we decided to order a free custom swatch of blinds online.  Here’s a photo of what we’re looking at:

This process is reminding me of when we were deciding which colors we wanted to use to repaint a couple of rooms.  My favorite colors right now are 5 – 9, but they all have to be tested in all kinds of light.  This is going to be another slow process where I’m sure I’ll change my mind several times, just to come back to my first decision.  This is definitely “adulting” at it’s finest.  Also, the dog has to chew on them and the cats have to punch at them so we can make sure an aluminum blind is sturdy enough.