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Because of the pandemic, all of our regular lives were completely interrupted. Our normal workout routines came to a halt, and many people turned to outdoor activities as a safer alternative.

The fitness company Verv conducted a survey with 2,000+ Americans to see what kinds of outdoor activities we turned to the most. In the survey, they also discovered some interesting stats. 67% of people said they wanted to outdoors more so they could get time away from the people they spent most of quarantine with. Around 57% said they liked going outdoors more because it was safer to be with family and friends that way.

Here are the top 8 outdoor activities Americans have liked doing the most:

  1. Walking 38%
  2. Hiking 36%
  3. Biking 33%
  4. Dancing 31%
  5. Running 28%
  6. Yoga 23%
  7. Swimming 22%
  8. Pilates 19%
  9. Mixed Martial Arts 17%

Source: Verv.com

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