BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 30: Actors Chadwick Boseman (L) and Angela Bassett attend the Marvel Studios' BLACK PANTHER Global Junket Press Conference on January 30, 2018 at Montage Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)

I am such a big fan of Marvel movies. Truthfully, I am not the biggest comic book reader. So, when I rank these movies, it is only based on the movies themselves, not the comics or how well the movies capture the stories of the comics.

Some of the aspects I weigh in for my personal Marvel movie ranking are: storytelling, development of characters, directing, acting, entertainment value (includes humor), and special effects.

You may haveĀ much different rankings than I do, and I’d love to hear them! If you’re as passionate about Marvel as I am, send me your personalized rankings of the Top 3 Marvel movies at

Let’s get it started with #3 and work our way up…


#3: Captain Marvel

My first opinion of Captain Marvel is that Brie Larson’s performance carried the movie. She portrayed Carol Danvers to be a natural leader: tough, compassionate, and an amazing role model for young women everywhere. I particularly chose this movie over others in the Marvel Universe because of the climax scene, when she is finally discovering the true scope of her inner power. If you don’t know the scene I’m talking about, I found it on YouTube. The power of this scene, to me, comes from the fact that I can relate to this very well. When I first watched this movie in the theater, I became emotional. That to me says good directing, and a job well done by Larson.

#2: Black Panther

Trying to pick between Captain Marvel and Black Panther for the #2 spot was super tough. I really love both of them. But, I think what gave Black Panther an advantage was the soundtrack, which is obviously top tier. Black Panther also introduces several very powerful women to the Marvel cinematic universe: Okoye played by Danai Gurira, Shuri played by Letitia Wright, and Nakia played by Lupita Nyong’o. All three of these characters display strength, but in different ways, which I like a lot. In addition, I believe Chadwick Boseman’s performance (RIP), as well as Michael B. Jordan’s performance, really introduced a new kind of villain-hero relationship. Overall 9/10.

#1: Avengers: Endgame

Obviously, this one is the BEST because I genuinely couldn’t have done it any better myself. This ending to the whole Avengers series is phenomenal in my opinion. I have no qualms about it. First, the emotions are all there (especially when Natasha and then Tony Stark dies), but they aren’t too overwhelming because there is enough classic Marvel comedy to take the edge off. And I do know that this ending was not really the one people expected. I would have thought Cap dies in one last battle, and Iron Man lives to keep running the Avengers. But, ultimately, Tony’s character comes full circle when he gives up literally everything to save the universe. And Cap gets to go back in time and live the life he should’ve had had he not gotten stuck in the ice. Plus, the PORTAL SCENE!!! (Below) Enough said. 15/10.

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