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Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday and even if you can’t spend it face-to-face with the dads in your life, you can still celebrate together. All it takes is a little imagination and planning to honor the holiday and make it meaningful. This is how party planners and therapists suggest celebrating Father’s Day when you can’t do it in person.

Make a gratitude list – If you can’t be face-to-face to tell Dad why you love him, psychologist Dr. Cicely Horsham-Brathwaite says writing it down is the next best thing. Write a letter telling him what you appreciate about him and the ways he’s had a positive impact on your life, then either read it to him on a call or mail it to him.

Create a photo montage or playlist – For the ultimate sentimental gift, assemble some of your favorite pics of you and your dad into a photo montage or album. Evan Karfinkel, founder of EK Event Group says you can make it in iMovie, then send Dad a link as a Father’s Day present. Not feeling the photo idea? Show your love by creating a playlist of your father’s favorite songs and songs linked with special memories in his life. Bonus points for playing it with him and having him reminisce about what he was doing when the song first came out.

Watch a movie together – Use an app like Teleparty to watch a synchronized movie with Dad online.

Enjoy a virtual dinner or drink – Just because you can’t take your dad to a restaurant doesn’t mean you can’t dine together on Father’s Day. You can have his favorite meal delivered ahead of time or make the same meal from scratch then enjoy it with him over Zoom.

Share a virtual experience – You don’t have to be with Dad in person to do something fun together. Find a virtual class or experience you’ll both enjoy or plan something to do with him in real life on a future date. Either way, you’re building memories and connection and that’s what it’s all about.