This is historic re-enactor Robert Ryals, dressed in period costume, publicly proclaiming the MeckDec from the steps of Charlotte's oldest home, the 1774 Rock House, as it may have been heard in 1775. Credit The Charlotte Museum of History.

Celebrate Independence Day with The Charlotte Museum of History this year. The Charlotte Museum of History will mark Independence Day with a free, virtual lecture on July 1 featuring author and professor Sophia Rosenfeld. The museum also will be open on Saturday, July 3, for visitors to explore exhibits and tour the 1774 Alexander Rock House and home site.

At the July 1 lecture, Rosenfeld will discuss her book “Democracy and Truth: A Short History” as well as take audience questions. The book explores the tension in democracies between the supposed wisdom of the crowd and the need for trusted and accurate information. The book offers suggestions for defending the idea of truth against forces that undermine it.

How To Attend:

·         Thursday, July 1, at 6 p.m. – The lecture with Professor Rosenfeld will be live-streamed on the museum’s YouTube and Facebook channels. No registration is needed for this free event.

·         Saturday, July 3, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Tour Charlotte’s oldest home and learn about the origins of the American Revolution and ideals such as democracy, freedom, and liberty, plus tour modern exhibits such as the new Siloam School exhibit. Tickets and information are at