In the small Florida town of Brooksville, there was a big error made and one man temporarily received a free gift with his purchase. Bobby Read just wanted to purchase a small municipal building and a garage under the water tower. He had the vision of creating the space into a personal training studio.

After the $55,000 purchase, Read got the parcel he wanted but unexpectedly also the city’s water tower. It wasn’t until Read went to the county property appraiser’s office to get the address for his new business when he learned about his new free gift with purchase.

Read transferred ownership of the tower back to the town, which is located roughly 50 miles north of Tampa. I mean we all make mistakes sometimes, but whoever did this one needs their eyes checked! The conflict created a stir in the community, leading to the city redevelopment agency director’s resignation, according to the outlet.

“I don’t know where the blame falls here,” said city council member Blake Bell, who was unhappy for several reasons, including the temporary loss of the tower and the permanent loss of parking. “I’m unhappy that we lost control of our water tower but, number two, we also gave away a lot of parking with it,” Bell continued. City Manager Mark Kutney claimed the error was caused by a botched legal description of the property.

I would have made the space into a swimming pool…just saying.

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