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There’s no “right way” to be an adult, but certain things may make you feel more like one. That may be having a full-fledged skincare routine or making enough money to save some or just making small changes to your home. To bring on that grown-up feeling, experts say these are the things that you shouldn’t keep in your bathroom after age 30.

  • Scrubs with fruit pits, seeds or microbeads – Some exfoliants feel like sandpaper on your face and it doesn’t have to in order for it to be effective. Celebrity facialist Shani Darden recommends a chemical exfoliant instead of an abrasive scrub because they work better and are less harsh.
  • Pore strips – Sure, they can help remove buildup in your pores, but the results are temporary and can irritate sensitive skin. Instead, Celeste Hilling, founder of Skin Authority, advises using a therapeutic clay mask to clear your pores.
  • Old, worn-out towels – Trade in your towels with holes, frayed edges and bleach spots for a plush new set because nothing says adulthood like matching towels.
  • A trash can with no lid – Grown-up bathrooms have discreet essentials, like a trash can with a lid, a chic toilet paper holder and a hideaway toilet brush and plunger.
  • Fluorescent lighting – Good lighting in the bathroom is important and no one looks their best in fluorescent lighting, no matter how old they are. So swap those for bulbs that mimic natural light if you can.
  • Loofahs – They carry a lot of bacteria, which isn’t what you want in your shower, so try a gentle body cleanser and one of your new washcloths instead.
  • Moldy shower curtains – Speaking of bacteria, your shower curtain and liner are another breeding ground for it and mold, so make sure to clean them regularly – you can wash the fabric ones – and replace the liner every six months or so.
  • Disposable, one-time use items – As an adult, consider this your first step towards sustainability. Instead of single-use makeup wipes, try reusable microfiber cloths and look for eco-friendly options for razors and toothbrushes, too.