Between The Walking Dead leaving a trail of undead spinoffs and waves of similar shows and the CDC releasing a zombie preparedness guide, it’s clear that Americans still have a lingering taste for the fleshy subject of zombies. (Undergoing a global pandemic doesn’t exactly curb our fears, either.)

To find out where the best place to survive a zombie apocalypse was, CableTV looked at the population density in each state, the gross receipts of farms per capita, and the state’s electricity percentage from solar. Get ready to bug out—we’re taking a look at which hills you should head for in the event of an undead uprising.

The methodology behind the mayhem is simple. The zombie apocalypse usually comes in the form of some sort of disease spread through blood, bites, and barely recognizable undead bodies chasing down the living. To survive the existential event, we analyzed the US for population density in each state, the gross receipts of farms per capita, and each state’s electricity percentage from solar. The ranking rationale? More (undead) people, more problems. Simple as cake. (or blood who knows zombies could like cake too)

For us in North Carolina, we are right in the middle of a chance of serving. We ranked 26 on the list. (Which isn’t all that bad) Most likely we in the city of Charlotte will turn into blood-sucking zombies. Those of you in the more rural areas, you might have a chance. Given the low population densities and bountiful farmlands, the Midwest is the best prepped in the event of a (zombie) apocalypse. You wanna be where the farms are and the people aren’t (more people in denser areas means more infections).

North Dakota is the best state for surviving a zombie apocalypse and in second place? Nebraska. Big, open, and undeveloped land is your best bet, which is why places like Montana and Idaho also land high on the list. While you might think you could find more resources and possibly gather with a good group of people, chances are if you’re in a densely populated area, you’re that much more likely to get infected or injured among the chaos. That means anyone in the East might have to go way out west before they can catch a breath.

Zombie Map

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