Samples and More!

Unfortunately, the Bank of America Stadium will not be fully operational and available for events by the time of our current date for the Beer Bourbon & BBQ Festival in Charlotte. They alerted us to this news late last week. Though NC and the rest of the US are slowly opening up – we are not going to be able to pull off this show as we have planned at the end of July due to factors beyond our control.

“We are working feverishly to find out what date the show will return to Queen City. We should have that locked down no later than July 1st. At that time, we’ll send you another email to announce the NEW date and to give you instructions on what you can do to either get a refund or just hold on to your tickets for the next event.”

The company is sorry for this news and they appreciate your patience, support, and understanding. For more information click here. Here are some photos from 2019’s festival I was able to attend! One of the things I liked about this festival was that you could bring in your own “nonalcoholic beverages” and snacks for the day. We definitely saved money bringing our own water and pretzels thanks to this festival privilege. I also enjoyed how there were games you could play like cornhole and giant beer pong to take a break from all the drinking. One of the most interesting samples I had was a 40-proof soaked pickle. It was quite tasty and maybe a bit dangerous. I definitely want to attend this year!

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