The MR. PEANUT® Character and Anthony Anderson Are Nuts for Dad This Father’s Day With a New Music Video Featuring Original Song, “Shake It Like Dad”. This Father’s Day, PLANTERS is partnering with Anthony Anderson to show just how nuts they are about dads with an original song and music video. The song, “Shake It Like Dad,” is sung by Anderson.

Now, if you are a fan you can join in on the Father’s Day fun too. All you need to do to win big is tell PLANTERS how your dad adds substance to your life and share some of his quirks (cringy dad jokes are welcome!) for a chance to win $10K in Father’s Day gift cash.

To enter the #NutsForDad challenge, share a video celebrating your dad’s quirks on TikTok, Twitter, or Instagram using #NutsForDad #Sweeps and tag MR. PEANUT. (duh!) Fans can enter now through Father’s Day. Ten lucky winners will receive the nutty prize of $10K for their dads.

“Being a dad is one of my favorite roles on and off the screen. I was able to really dig deep and capture the nuttiness of fatherhood in the music video for “Shake It Like a Dad”. It also allowed me to show off some of my own dad quirks that only my family sees. I’ve fully embraced my dad-ism of grilling outside in my grill master apron rain or shine. This Father’s Day, I’m looking forward to celebrating with a cookout surrounded by my family and you can bet my grill master apron will be on full display! In the meantime, be sure to check out all of the nutty things the MR. PEANUT® character and I are up to in the music video. And don’t forget to let your dad know just how nuts you are about them this Father’s Day.” -Anthony Anderson

To learn more about the #NutsForDad challenge click here.

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