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Ah, sleep.

Sleeping is one of the things that keeps us healthy, and we all know that not getting enough sleep is bad for you, apparently getting too much sleep can be bad for you too.

REM sleep is the stage in the sleep cycle when most of the dreaming occurs. It has been known that worrying and stress can increase the intensity of REM sleep. If that intense dreaming goes on throughout the night, it can leave a person feeling exhausted and lacking un motivation when they wake up. So basically, too much REM sleep is bad for us, just like too little is.

It’s funny, I always assumed if I was dreaming a lot, I was getting great sleep, but this makes sense. I’ve definitely had nights when I’ve had lots of crazy dreams, and then woke up feeling exhausted.

We can’t control how we sleep sometimes, but here’s to hoping we all get a good night’s rest tonight.