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As much as we love starting our day with a cup or four of coffee, it does have some downsides. Coffee gives some acid reflux and heartburn and it leaves some feeling jittery, but now research is giving us another reason to reconsider an extra cup ‘o’ joe. According to a new study, drinking too much coffee every day can “significantly increase” your chance of getting glaucoma, especially if you’re already at risk for it.

The study finds folks who have a genetic predisposition for higher eye pressure – which is a main risk factor for glaucoma – AND drink about three cups of coffee a day are much more likely to develop glaucoma. And the chance is a lot higher, we’re talking nearly four times as great as those who drink little to no caffeine and are in the lowest genetic risk group.

But study author Dr. Louis R. Pasquale, deputy chair for Ophthalmology Research for the Mount Sinai Hospital Health System assures us that only those who drink “excessive amounts” of coffee AND are predisposed to higher eye pressure have an increased risk. “Overall, coffee consumption is safe,” he explains. If you want to play it safe with the eye condition that can cause blindness, experts recommend sticking to between two and three eight-ounce cups of coffee a day.