People who have been previously incarcerated are sharing all the things the movies get wrong about prison. It all started on a Reddit feed.

Here are a few of those things:

  • The whole “don’t drop the soap” is not real.
  • No one whistles in jail. It sounds horrible through the hallway and pipes.
  • Sometimes, the toilets don’t have bowls or anything and they’re actually just a draining hole.
  • Everyone is actually very bored and will fight each other to just take the trash out. Those 10 minutes outside taking out the trash is golden.
  • Drugs are easy to get in jail.
  • The food does not look as “real” as it does in the movies. It more looks like mash.
  • The only people whose lives are in jeopardy in prison are pedophiles, rival gang members, or anyone who is a jerk and bothering others for no reason.
  • Most people just mind their business and do their time because they want to go home.
  • A lot of people in prison are suffering from mental illness.
  • Most people are not hardened criminals. They just made a mistake and want to leave.
  • Inmates will oftentimes give each other life advice.

What is a movie myth you believed about jail that has been dispelled?


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