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This story of this dog is kind of insane, but in the end, it’ll make you smile!

A 2-year-old border collie in Idaho was ejected from a car when a Buick slammed into his owner’s GMC Yukon. Tilly and his owner were driving with an attached horse trailer when they tried to take an exit. The Buick struck their vehicle as they turned and Tilly was forcibly ejected from the GMC.

After he was ejected, Tilly fled the scene and was seen running through a field nearby.

A few days after the accident, Tilly was found running on a sheep farm. He had naturally started herding the sheep, something border collies are known to do and are sometimes bred for.

Now that he is back home, his owner says he has lost a little weight and is quite dehydrated. But otherwise, he is healthy and happy.

Have you ever had a dog or other pet run away?

Source: KHQ.com

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