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movie theater

It seems like slowly but surely, life is heading back to whatever “normal” was. There’s not much that I’ve done since March 2020 that has been exactly like it was pre-pandemic. I still wear a mask in public places, I still avoid heavily crowded events if possible. BUT…over this past weekend I did something that did make me feel normal. I had a mask-less date night! I have to admit, it’s been nice being able to buy / rent movies from home that would typically be out in theaters. But on Saturday, I went to a movie theater and saw The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It.

I’m not a professional movie reviewer, nor do I know the specifics of the entire series storyline but I will say this. The movie was great. I love scary / thrilling movies and this movie checked all of my boxes. Most importantly, I enjoyed the ending. Sometimes with thrillers / horror films the beginning and middle is great but the ending comes up short. In my opinion, this movie had a great ending. I would totally watch it again!