Magicicada periodical cicadas, members of Brood X, cluster on a plant at Fairland Recreational Park June 01, 2021 in Burtonsville, Maryland. Billions of periodical cicadas are emerging from the soil in the eastern United States and Midwest to molt, mate, lay eggs and die after living underground for 17 years.
There has been lots of cicada news lately. The swarm of them and of course the news that people actually eat those things. Still having a hard time believing that. Now there is more. A cicada is said to have been the cause of an Ohio car crash Monday night. Yes, a cicada caused a car crash.The driver had his car window down and the insect flew right in. It immediately hit the driver in the face according to the Cincinnati police. The driver drove off the road crashing into a utility pole. The motorist sustained minor injuries but is ok. The car however suffered significant damage.

Cicadas are swarming areas across the country including the Cincinnati area. This is due to Brood X, when they emerge from the ground every 17 years to mate. Police have recommended drivers keep their car windows closed for the immediate future.

I wonder if you can have the cicada listed at fault with the insurance company?