Not many things scream summer quite like ice cream. That hot waffle cone and trying to keep your favorite flavor from melting and dripping down the sides. You probably have your favorite flavor or flavors. As the temperatures heat up – what ice cream flavor do you usually reach for? Strawberry? Chocolate? Good Old Vanilla?  Which you typically choose it’s always fun to try new ones as well. Well, how about Wasabi ice cream? Yes, you heard that correctly. Wasabi ice cream. You know wasabi you get in at sushi restaurants and you’ve probably tried to eat too much of it at once before. Lidl’s newest Vitasia ice cream promises to “pair the freshness of warming wasabi flavoring with velvety smooth ice cream.”

While I’m far from convinced they do have my attention. One would have to assume they have taste-tested this with multiple focus groups. I can’t imagine if it tasted as awful as it initially sounds they would spend the money on releasing it.

Wasabi Ice Cream hits Lidl stores today, June 3rd.

The same company has also released a Ginger Lemon ice cream. What’s the most “unique” ice cream flavor you’ve ever tried that was just plain awful or surprisingly amazing?