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Heiress Patricia Cottingham, daughter of racehorse owner Vera Lilley and Patrick Oswald face the cameras after their wedding ceremony at St Margaret's, Westminster. (Photo by Douglas Miller/Getty Images)

Another bridezilla seems to have lost a friend because of her superficial wedding day demand. In a post to Reddit’s “Am I the A-hole” section, she explains that when her friend got engaged last year, she and her husband were invited to the wedding and she was asked to be the maid of honor. But now the bride tells her she thinks it would be better if her husband doesn’t come.

The bridesmaid was understandably upset by the rescinded invite and pressed the bride for a reason and she finally admitted that it’s because her husband is shorter than her and she thinks it “would look weird in pictures.” While the maid of honor is slightly taller than her hubby, it’s literally a centimeter difference! And she even offered to wear flats, but the bride isn’t budging, saying the other bridesmaids are wearing heels so she needs to as well.

So the maid of honor told the bride she won’t attend the wedding without her husband and the bride tried to convince her by saying the day is about her, not her friend and her husband and that she should respect her wishes. She responded that it was both of them or neither of them and the bride’s response? She told her maid of honor if that’s her attitude, she can f-off and now she’s out one maid of honor. Redditors have her back on this, pointing out that the bride was out of line, unreasonable and that she’s better off without her as a friend.