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Located near the Cavern Club, The Hard Days Night Hotel is a four-star hotel that opened in 2008 and features 110 rooms. Statues of all of the Beatles can be found on the hotel's façade .

Artist Salvatore Garau has managed to pull in over $18K for a piece of “art” that no one can see. At the auction, his “immaterial sculpture” titled “I Am” went to the lucky high bidder. Ideally, the 60-inch x 60-inch piece should be displayed in a “private home free from obstructions.”

Commenting on his art, Garau says, “The void is nothing but a space full of energies, and even if we empty it and nothing remains…that nothingness has a weight. It, therefore, has an energy that condenses and transforms itself into particles…in us!” Dude, that’s deep…and expensive.

I would post a gallery of photos, but since there is no object, you’ll just have to imagine.

Source: Il Giorno