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This moment is captured during the rituals process in a Indian Hindu wedding.

Manjesh Kumar was in the middle of his wedding ceremony, marrying a woman named Surbhi when the woman suffered a heart attack and died. A doctor was called, but he was unable to save her. A heartbreaking tragedy, but what happened next was unusual. The families sat in stunned silence, then someone suggested Kumar marry Surbhi’s younger sister Nisha instead.

The part of this story that’s amazing to many is that the families weren’t talking about the two being married at a later date; they decided to continue the ceremony that day with the new bride. Surbhi’s body was taken to another room, then everyone gathered to watch Manjesh and Nisha get married.

Right then, right there. Why? Experts say that the bride’s family would likely have been expecting a dowry, and the groom’s family would have wanted to avoid the stigma of returning from a wedding without a bride. Talking to the press, Surbhi’s brother Saurabh said, “It’s hard to believe a dead body was in the other room, and a bride was being prepared in the next one.” The bride’s mother is said to have made an emotional appeal for the wedding to continue with another of her daughters.

Source: Daily Mail