Rumors of the Catawba tribe casino opening soon have been something we have been hearing for a while now. According to a recent report by Fox 46 Charlotte, the beginning of July will likely mark a big change in the lives of both a York County-based Native American tribe and Cleveland County.

The Catawba Two Kings Casino will soon open a 500-slot temporary facility. This temporary facility will be compiled of an array of trailers, as work continues on a larger project. This will open hopefully on July 1st, 2021.

“Plan for success and build with success,” said Chief Bill Harris of the Catawba Indian Nation. “You don’t just build it and they will come.” I’m so ready for this. (but my poor wallet might not be)

The Catawba Indian Tribe said in an interview Catawba Two Kings Casino project in Kings Mountain is on a fast track. Hundreds have already been hired for the opening of the temporary casino site, and will likely lead–within the next few weeks–a quiet site off Interstate 85 becoming very busy.

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