About two weeks ago, a 13-year-old girl in Portland, Oregon attempted a trending TikTok challenge. The challenge her family thinks she was attempting involved spraying hairspray on the bathroom mirror and lighting it on fire.

This TikTok shows it. *DO NOT ATTEMPT*

Unfortunately, it ended in disaster when 13-year-old Destini Crane caught herself on fire.

Destini’s sister Andrea and their mother Kimberly were there when it happened. Her sister said the family thinks a busted bottle of alcohol, a lighter, and a candle on the bathroom counter contributed to the challenge going so wrong.

Firefighters responded to the call while an ambulance rushed Destini to the ICU. She ended up with severe burns on her neck and arms. Doctors performed a tracheotomy on her, so she could breathe better. They are now in the process of providing skin grafts for the burned areas.

Firefighters say this challenge is one of the most dangerous things they’ve seen and SHOULD NOT be attempted.

Source: MercuryNews.com

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