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A woman is upset and hurt after being left out of her best friend’s bridal party because she put on some weight while pregnant. In a post on parenting site Mumsnet, the new mom shares that she had a baby last year and gained 42 pounds during the pregnancy. She shares that over the years her bestie has always made references to her being a bridesmaid when she gets married. But when it came time to choose, she didn’t make the cut.

Instead, the mom found out she’d been booted in one of the worst ways possible – on Facebook. The bride-to-be tagged four other friends in a post introducing them as her “team bride.” Despite being upset, she messaged the bride to congratulate her and she replied that she really wanted her to be a part of it but that “it wouldn’t have been right” for her. And it seems it’s all because of the bridesmaid dress she picked.

Her post includes a screenshot of the bride’s message to her, which claims the dress “would be an issue given how you feel about yourself right now.” The mom shares that she’s told her about her frustration over her baby weight gain, but she thinks she’s using that as an excuse. “I know the style wouldn’t compliment your body shape,” the bride writes. “And I know you’d feel uncomfortable if you did have to wear it.” But the mom isn’t buying it and feels her size is the issue because her friend has chosen “super stick thin” bridesmaids. And she points out that while she wouldn’t feel great in the dress today, the wedding isn’t until May next year, so she has plenty of time to drop the baby weight.

The mom asks if she’s being unreasonable and Mumsnet users are on her side here. Not only did they understand where she’s coming from, they call the bride “utterly self-absorbed,” and “unbearably superficial” for leaving her out. Agreed!