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Dating these days is hard enough that adding an overbearing parent in the mix should be an instant red flag. Well, that’s certainly the case for one woman, who recently discovered that her boyfriend’s mom has created a set of rules for dating her son.

A TikTok user named Emma recently shared what she says is the list of rules her boyfriend’s mother posted on her social media account, with the mom saying they are for anyone “dating my son.”

The rules include:

  • ‘He’s a “mama’s boy”. Unless you have a ring on your finger, your opinion does not matter’
  • ‘He is a gentleman. I taught him that. You better act like a lady and deserve that.’
  • “If you show up at my house looking like a stripper, I will make you go away.”
  • “If I see ‘sexts” on his phone I will make you go away.”
  • “He is not your ATM.”
  • “You are not in charge of him and it is not up to you to change him.”

So, what happens if her son’s girlfriend doesn’t follow these rules? Well the list includes threats like, “understand I can make you go away,” along with the added note, “I know how to avoid jail.” The mom adds that should a woman “fake” their way into a marriage with her son they’ll wind up with the ultimate punishment. She notes, “I will be something much worse than your boyfriend’s mom. I’ll be your mother-in-law.’

  • As you can imagine, the post lead to some very strong reactions from people on social media.
    • “Break up now. It will never get better,” one person commented, while another added, “Girl run.”
    • “It only gets worse from here,” another commented, while one pointed out, “Girl, she is definitely going to wear white to your wedding.”

Source: The Sun

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