Australian Bushfires - The Australian fires began in December of 2019 but continued into 2020. They led to 47 million acres being burned, several people dying, and over 500 million animals killed.

It seems like every week there is a new challenge trending on TikTok. And fairly often they just aren’t the best ideas.  Now a new TikTok challenge has put a teen in ICU with severe burns. Destini Crane, a 13-year-old girl from Portland is in the ICU after the May 14th incident. Destini was in the bathroom with a friend filming the videos when her friend began screaming. The video she was trying to imitate is of a fan spraying hairspray on a mirror and lighting it on fire. There are many users on TikTok who have successful attempted this video. They use it to do a before and after type video of makeup looks.


While attempting to film the video Destini caught herself on fire. “There was a capped bottle of alcohol sitting on the counter, and the whole side of it had busted open, and there was a lighter and broken candle,” her mom Andrea said.

Firefighters described the incident as one of the most dangerous things he had ever seen. They also encourage parents to talk with their kids and explain the dangers of imitating these types of challenge videos. Maybe we need to bring back the disclaimer “don’t try this at home” or just ban these types of dangerous stunts from TikTok. It certainly seems that the envelope keeps getting pushed to more and more dangerous stunts. But an individual’s life is worth more than any millions of TikTok views or likes.

Destini remains in the ICU after receiving a tracheotomy. Doctors are now in the process of doing skin grafts on her neck and arm. She still has a long road to recovery.

Parents make sure you are monitoring what your children and viewing and find out what they are attempting to film for social media. And kids, make sure you are making good decisions before you try a challenge.

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