It started as Chick-fil-a vs Popeyes but now it’s an all-out restaurant war. Now Chili’s is joining the chicken sandwich wars. They say they are ready to put all other chicken sandwiches to shame with the Chili’s Chicken Sandwich. What does this chicken sandwich have that the rest of them do not? Secret Sauce. One bite and there will be no doubt who reigns supreme they claim.

The sandwich is hand-battered and hand-breaded on a buttered, toasted brioche bun. It features multiple layers of Secret Sauce, tomato, and lettuce. And like any good sandwich, it’s served with fries as well. The Sandwich is available only during the month of June. It is included in the 3 for $10 deal that features a non-alcoholic drink, appetizer, and entree for $10.

Do you have a favorite chicken sandwich? Do you think Chili’s joining the Chicken Sandwich wars will impact your favorite?