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Fenway's dog, Zoe.

Well, my wife and I had been talking about adopting the right pup for a long time and she finally found us.  Her name is Zoe, she’s a 6 month old retriever mix and I can’t figure out how she stayed available for adoption for over 2 months.  Her foster family did an amazing job crate-training her and potty training her.  we couldn’t have asked for an easier transition for a puppy.  She sits when told, loves belly rubs and has the prettiest light brown eyes I’ve ever seen in a pupper.  She loves snuggling our feet at night and just before we take her outside in the morning, she has to love on us and sit at our feet to show she missed us.  This is one of the most affectionate dogs I’ve ever met.  Now, if only we could convince the cats she’s cool.

The cat pictured above is Riff Raff, the youngest of the two felines.  Camu was either under a bed or upstairs watching from above when this photo was taken.  Right now, Riff Raff seems to be the one that’s at least mildly interested in Zoe.  He wants to be friends but her playfulness can be too much for him sometimes.  There’s slight progression each day with both of the cats staying in the same room for a few minutes, and then a standoff will occur like in the photo.  This reminds me of two MMA fighters at the weigh-in before the big fight.