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Memorial Day weekend is here!  Some people plan vacations and graduation celebrations around this time.  While most of us can’t wait to do fun things this weekend, let’s also remember what this weekend is really about.  In this country’s history, 46 million veterans have served during wartime according to WalletHub.  About a third of those heroes are still with us.  Here are more Memorial Day facts for your weekend!

  1. 95% of businesses will be closed on Memorial Day.
  2. According to AAA, more than 37 million people are traveling and most will drive.
  3. If you’re going somewhere, check your pockets.  We lose almost $140 million dollars worth of stuff when we travel.
  4. Over half of us will barbeque or go to a cookout this weekend.
  5. Between now and Labor Day, Americans will consume an average of 818 hot dogs EVERY SECOND.

Remember to take an antacid this weekend and get more on these facts here and here!